Products : API's

At SMAART, we have collectively more than 100+ years of experience in manufacturing of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API).
The products manufactured are in total compliance with various regulatory and customer requirements. All processes and manufacturing operations confirm to cGMP requirements, ICH guidelines and in accordance with QMS.

No. Product Name Theraputic Category Pharmacopeial Grade DMF Status
1 Nebivolol HCI Antihypertensive IP/BP/EP Available
2 Bisoprolol Fumararte Anti hypertensive IP/BP/EP/USP Available
3 Desloratadine Antihistaminic Agent BP/EP/USP Available
4 Chlorhexidine Gluconate 20% Disinfectant IP/BP/EP/USP Available
5 Nimesulide Anti Inflammatory BP/EP Available
6 Chlorhexidine Base Disinfectant INH Available
4 Chlorhexidine HCI Disinfectant BP Available
5 Chlorhexidine Acetate Disinfectant BP/EP Available
8 Glimepiride Antidiabetic USP Available
10 Rosuvastatin Calcium Cardiovascular IP/EP Available