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We have more than 10 years of experience in developing Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API’s). We bring in our rich experience, quality, manufacturing abilities & regulatory know-how.

  Product NameTheraputic CategoryDocument Status
  Amlodipine BesylateCardiovascularDMF Ready
  Bisoprolol FumararteAnti HypertensiveDMF Ready
  CetrimideDisinfectantDMF Ready
  Chlorhexidine BaseDisinfectantDMF Ready
  Chlorhexidine Gluconate 20%DisinfectantDMF Ready
  Chlorhexidine HCIDisinfectantDMF Ready
  Chlorhexidine AcetateDisinfectantDMF Ready
  DesloratadineAntihistaminic AgentDMF Ready
  FrusemideAntiduritecDMF Ready
  FluconazoleAnti lnfectivesDMF Ready
  Glibenclamide/ GlyburideAntidiabeticDMF Ready
  GlimipirideAntidiabeticDMF Ready
  LoratadineAntihistaminicDMF Ready
  Nebivolol HCIAntihypertensiveDMF Ready
  NimusulideAnti InflammatoryDMF Ready
  Pioglitazone HCIAntidiabeticDMF Ready
  Rosuvastatin CalciumCardiovascularDMF Ready
  Sildenafil CitrateErectile DysfunctionDMF Ready
  Venlafaxine HCIAntidepressantDMF Ready
  AripiprazoleAntipsychoticTech Pack
  Benzalkonium Chloride 50% & 80%DisinfectantTech Pack
  Candesartan CilexetilAntihypertentionTech Pack
  Cetrimide 40% SolutionDisinfectantTech Pack
  FexofenadineAntihistaminic AgentTech Pack
  Fosinopril SodiumCardiovascularTech Pack
  GabapentinAnticonvulsant / Anti EpilepticTech Pack
  Losartan PotassiumAntihypertensiveTech Pack
  Ondansetron HCIAntiemeticTech Pack
  PregabalinAnticonvulsantTech Pack
  Povidone IodineDisinfectantTech Pack
  Rabeprazole SodiumAnti - UlcerativeTech Pack
  TamsulosinAlpha BlockerTech Pack
  Terbinafine HCIAnti FungalTech Pack
  SofosbuvirHCV lnfectantTech Pack
  ValsartanAntihypertensiveTech Pack

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